Decades After Paris is a story of our time and our future with a changed climate… set to music.

In 32 minutes, the listener will journey from the Peoples Climate March in NYC, to Paris in December of 2015 to witness world leaders make decisions on global carbon emissions, and the general fate of humanity. From there, the story travels decades into the future outlining possible scenarios our generation will encounter.

The subject matter is real, raw, and resonant; and so is the music. The upbeat music allows the listener to feel the intensity and emotion of the situation.

Our Latest Music Video – Paris Takes the Stage

“Paris Takes the Stage” is a musical journey to a pivotal time and place in our history: the COP21 UNFCCC climate change negotiations.

The song is an invitation to look past the media gloss of the international climate talks and to understand the importance of this potentially pivotal event.

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Listen Free or Purchase the Music:

We’ve made all the tracks available to stream for free on our Soundcloud (linked below).

If you like what you hear, you might consider purchasing digital copies on CDBaby or iTunes.

If you do climate outreach work, contact us at decadesafterparis (at] Gmail (dot] com to obtain the digital tracks for free.

Our Motivation

You know those moments when everything comes together? It all just makes sense. Feels right. Kismet.

For us two musicians, 2014 marked a threshold.  Like many, we ventured to the #PeoplesClimate March in New York City and observed the hottest year on record.

“This will be the biggest year yet and there is no time for sleep” remarked Christiana Figueres at a high level Carbon Pricing Dialogue in New York on September 24 – three days after 400,000+ people marched in a call for climate action. She stated firmly that if we don’t get an agreement at COP21 in Paris, we’ve lost another 10 years regaining our footing… that takes us to 2025… which is too late.

We feel the need to pour ourselves into the “year of no sleep” the best way we know how.

Imagining what Decades after Paris could look like, we have musically expressed a possible future and the momentum we need to get there. Some call it “Cli-Fi” (climate fiction). Others call it art. Either way, we hope you enjoy it.

This album is a passion project that aims to serve a growing movement.

The story of our time with a changing climate set to groovy tunes. The subject Matter is resonant, and so is the music.