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Danton Jay & Heather Lynn: Low Carbon Chemistry in the Making

Born weeks apart in late 1982, when carbon in the atmosphere measured only 341 parts per million, Heather and Danton have found commonality in spades.

In June of 2013, Heather-Lynn rediscovered her voice at the Social Change Institute, located in the Salish Sea off the coast of BC. As a professional climate change communicator, it reawakened in her the power of music as a means to foster change.

Inspired by passionate change agents, Heather wrote a song to encourage them, which she has been requested to perform for audiences at several sustainability conferences since. It also led her to seek others of the same ilk…

After finishing an environmental psychology degree, Danton traveled Eastern Europe with his artistic lens on culture and environmental change. Driven by the desire to express his lament for humanity’s misdirection, he expertly wrote, arranged and produced an album, which includes a musical rendition of an essay by David Suzuki.

Upon his return, Danton started working as a project manager in the BC Government’s natural resource sector and crossed paths with Heather. As Danton prepared to host a benefit concert for a local environmental organization, the chemical components for their future endeavors came together…

Danton Jay & Heather Lynn at the People’s Spark – Igniting Climate Action Demonstration, November 29, 2015:

Climate march concert


The story of our time with a changing climate set to groovy tunes. The subject Matter is resonant, and so is the music.